The Street Teacher - Discover New York - and Washington D.C. - Again!

The Street Teacher's Walks 

Discover that the New in good Old New York is simply - you in the city! 

So let's discover the New You on a few of the Street Teacher's walks through Gotham!

1. A Literary Walk in Greenwich Village
This walk will visit literary landmarks, some even bibulous, that may surprise you - and some that are as familiar as they are unexpected! 
Many people have made the Village home, and have lived and produced classic works here.  

Some for adults - others for children - and you know them!

Let's see them!  

This tour usually begins at the Washington Square Arch, at the bottom of Fifth Avenue.  This tour is about 2 hours long.

2. A Bohemian Walk in the East Village
Some would consider this part of Greenwich Village - but it's really a part of the Lower East Side, and the sooner we begin to think of it as similarly replete with immigrants, albeit of a different sort, and not all from abroad, then we will begin to appreciate its unique character, and appreciate why it's one of the Best Neighborhoods of North America. 

This tour begins at the Uptown Astor Place Subway entrance.  This tour is about 2 hours long.

3.  Health, Wealth, and Philanthropy: Walk the Upper East Side
The Upper East Side has been the home of many of not only this city's but this country's foremost industrialists, financiers, philanthropists, and has even been at the forefront of America's efforts to improve public health.  But, among all this imposing buildings, and magnificent museums, where were the actual people?  What were their stories - what are their stories! 

Come on up - move on up, to the Upper East Side and learn what has helped power our country. 

This tour begins at the Northeast Corner of E. 78th Street and Lexington Avenue.  This tour is about 2 hours long.

4. A Walking Tour of the Lower East Side
As this neighborhood, once teeming with immigrants Irish, Jewish, Italian, and still Chinese in great numbers, changes or grows into a neighborhood far more modern than you might expect, there is still Katz's, Yonah Schimmel, and candies, and falafel - and many other things more exotic than egg rolls for your delight.  

This tour begins near the Sara Delano Roosevelt Park at Chrystie and Houston Streets, at the corner where Whole Foods is located.  (Note: 2nd Avenue becomes Chrystie Street at Houston Street.)   This tour is about 2 hours long.

Book this tour: E-mail the Street Teacher
Note: Most tours are $35 per person - but E-mail the Street Teacher to confirm pricing

Mark November 14, 2015 on your calendar!

Autumn walks are often the most refreshing - the air so full of that crisp cool air, and the surrounding trees and ground so full of color.  

This walk will take us across the George Washington Bridge and up along the top of the Palisades - through a part of the Palisades Interstate Park and to one of our metropolitan region's closest suburbs, renowned for its history in suburban planning, and our greater social history as well.  

So, come with The Street Teacher on November 14 for a refreshing day both above Hudson's great river, and through one of the best examples of a region's efforts to preserve nature and our geologic heritage. 

We will begin our walk at W. 178th Street and Fort Washington Avenue at 9:00am (sharp!).  We will walk to a diner in our suburban town, and take a bus back to the Port Authority Terminal on W. 42nd Street in Manhattan, arriving some time around 5:03pm.  

Yes!  A day's hike!  But we will rest along the way, and won't make our pace a race.  

The cost for this walk is $30.  (The cost of lunch and the return bus fare are not included.) 

Express your interest by clicking here, and I look forward to seeing you on the bridge with me! 

NOTE with ALL tours

a.) Please understand that our tours are limited to 12 people, and that payment is appreciated in advance.
b.) Please e-mail HERE to request a Private Tour at another time or date, and be sure to write PRIVATE TOUR in the subject line. Rates may be different in relation to the size of your group. 

Unless otherwise arranged, walking tours are limited to a total of 12 people.

Please click here to read about our other walks in Manhattan - and here for the walks that we presently offer in Brooklyn.

(Note: customized tours are the most popular!) 
A. Central Park, the Upper East Side and New York's great museums
B. Harlem, from the Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights to the Apollo and Mt. Morris Park
C. Midtown: Grand Central Terminal, The New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue, Times Square - and more!

For more information, including rates, please e-mail, or call him directly at 917-921-9273
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