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Follow the Money!  It's Spring - let's Walk!

Walking near Swindler's Cove in Manhattan
This building is in the news lately - for the reason that its current owner, NYU, wants to connect it to its neighbor via a passageway.  And the residents in that next building are objecting!  Shades of Greenwich Village!

A Public Tour with The Street Teacher

I have scheduled this tour with a sense of the present state of our health - so put on your sneakers, take a look and sign up!  

The Upper East Side: Wealth, Health, Privilege, and Progress
When and Where: Sunday, July 27 1:00pm to 3:00pm, please meet at the northwest corner of E. 78th St. and Lexington Avenue (where the  Kinko's/Fed Ex store is).  

Cost: $25 per person 

To Register: e-mail:
We shall walk this neighborhood to discover curiosities like: 

a. Just where did Citizens United come from? 
b. How could the "trickle-down" theory actually work? 
c. Should "the government" care about our health? 
d. Are the rich truly different from you and me - and how?
e. Who were these residents of our neighborhood, really?

The Street Teacher's Walking Tours

Here's a picture taken just across the Hudson River from Washington Heights - and on the way toward the view that the L.G. Corporation may alter drastically.  Check it out! 

Watch for Summer Walks

I am scheduling public tours in July and August - and some may be across the G.W. Bridge and through the woods!

So, stay tuned - I promise more frequent updates! 

But you can always make your own requests.  For example, we can help you know about other areas such as: 

1. The Lower East Side and Chinatown
2. Greenwich Village - from Klein Deutschland to the West Village
3. The High Line and the Meatpacking District
4. The Upper East Side and New York's great museums
5. The Acropolis of the New World: Columbia University and the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
6. Harlem, from the Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights to the Apollo and Mt. Morris Park
7. SoHo and Tribeca
8. Midtown: Grand Central Terminal, The New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue, Times Square - and more!
9. The Upper East Side: some of the world's greatest museums, and most impressive neighborhoods.

Tours are also given by coach and other vehicles - large groups are especially welcome.  Please let us know what you need and would like to see and learn about our great city.

Put your "two cents" in!  From time to time The Street Teacher publishes
The Talk of New York, our blog in which I relate our discoveries in the City as we walk and travel throughout its streets and avenues - and alleys and riversides.  I hope you click on it and subscribe - and contribute.  Yes!  You can make a difference!  I think your contributions to the offerings here at The Street Teacher will make you more a part of us - and all of us together a boost to New York.
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